36in36 Project Equity and Financial Structure

Understanding the Points System

Each project within the 36in36 framework is allocated 36,000,000 points, with 36in36, the overseeing body, holding 360,000,000 points. This points system is at the core of our project framework, designed to track and reward contributions effectively.

Embracing Risk and Reward

We begin our journey with the realization that innovation is a path lined with both successes and failures. Most endeavors may not work as planned, but for those projects that do succeed, our point system ensures a record of who contributed to that success. It’s our way of acknowledging that every effort, whether it leads to triumph or learning, is a valuable part of our journey.

Shared Success and Diversification

The unique aspect of 36in36 lies in its approach to shared success. By earning points in the overall 36in36 ecosystem, contributors gain the potential to benefit from the success of any project, not just the ones they have directly worked on. This model of diversification is distinctive to 36in36, encouraging a community-driven approach where success is not just individual but collective, fostering a spirit of collaboration and innovation.

Project Lifecycle and Equity Distribution

  • Activation of a Project: A project becomes 'active' upon achieving its first sale, initiating the initial phase.
  • Initial Phase (Duration: 1 Year): Any revenue generated during this period is reinvested back into the project.
  • Post-Initial Phase: 10% of the project's Free Cash Flow is contributed to 36in36 quarterly, starting 90 days post-initial phase.

Understanding Free Cash Flow Contributions

The FCF contribution is calculated based on the project’s performance in the preceding quarter. The contributions sustain the 36in36 ecosystem, enabling further project support and development.

Equity Points System

Points are distributed based on contributions and roles, linked to the project's success and profitability, benefiting all contributors.

Project Contribution Details

Detail IDSubComponent NameDetailed DescriptionPoints
1Problem Submission and CategorizationSubmitting and categorizing problems for project ideas400,000
2Community Discussion and EngagementEngaging with the community in forums to discuss problems300,000
3Expert Review and AnalysisExpert involvement in reviewing and analyzing submitted problems300,000
4Feasibility StudyConducting a preliminary feasibility study of popular problems300,000
5Trend Analysis and Market ResearchAnalyzing trends and conducting market research for problems300,000
6Idea Generation WorkshopsOrganizing workshops for generating solution ideas200,000
7Prototype ConceptualizationDeveloping initial concepts or prototypes for solutions200,000
8Online Surveys and Data CollectionConducting online surveys to collect customer data350,000
9Data Analysis and ReportingAnalyzing survey data and creating insightful reports350,000
10Competitor AnalysisResearching and analyzing competitors in the market300,000
11Focus Groups and Customer InterviewsConducting focus groups and in-depth customer interviews300,000
12Trend Identification and AnalysisIdentifying and analyzing current market trends300,000
13Social Media and Web AnalyticsAnalyzing social media and web data for customer insights200,000
14Report Synthesis and Strategy RecommendationsSynthesizing research into reports and strategic recommendations200,000
15Project Scope DefinitionDefining the scope, objectives, and deliverables of the project300,000
16Resource Planning and AllocationPlanning and allocating resources including budget and manpower300,000
17Timeline and Milestone SettingDeveloping a project timeline with key milestones300,000
18Risk Assessment and Management PlanIdentifying risks and developing mitigation strategies250,000
19Design and PrototypingCreating initial designs and developing prototypes300,000
20User Experience (UX) Design and TestingDesigning and testing the UX for interfaces250,000
21Feedback Integration and Design IterationIntegrating feedback into design iterations300,000
22CAD Design and 3D ModelingCreating CAD designs and 3D models for physical components4,000,000
233D Printing and PrototypingProducing and refining prototypes using 3D printing technologies4,000,000
24Source Code DevelopmentDeveloping the source code for software, firmware, or website functionality4,000,000
25User Portal Website DesignDesigning the user-facing portion of the website with focus on UX/UI3,000,000
26Integration Testing and DebuggingConducting integration testing and debugging for seamless functionality3,000,000
27Quality Assurance for ProductionEnsuring quality standards for all components pre-mass production2,000,000
28Functional TestingTesting the functionality of software, firmware, or websites800,000
29Usability TestingAssessing the user interface and user experience700,000
30Performance TestingEvaluating system performance under various conditions700,000
31Security TestingConducting security tests to identify vulnerabilities600,000
32Bug Tracking and ResolutionIdentifying and resolving bugs and issues600,000
33Regression TestingEnsuring new changes do not affect existing functionality300,000
34Quality Control and DocumentationMaintaining quality control and documentation of tests300,000
35Digital Marketing CampaignsExecuting digital marketing campaigns across various online platforms600,000
36Content Marketing and SEOImplementing content marketing and SEO strategies500,000
37Social Media Management and EngagementManaging and engaging on social media profiles500,000
38Email MarketingDesigning and sending email marketing campaigns400,000
39Public Relations and Media OutreachConducting public relations and media outreach activities400,000
40Brand StorytellingDeveloping and conveying the project�s story300,000
41Influencer PartnershipsCollaborating with influencers to extend reach300,000
42Launch Strategy DevelopmentDeveloping a comprehensive plan for the launch350,000
43Marketing Materials PreparationCreating marketing materials for the launch350,000
44Event PlanningOrganizing the details of the launch event300,000
45Team Briefing and Role AssignmentsBriefing the team and assigning roles for the launch250,000
46Media and Influencer EngagementEngaging with media and influencers during the launch250,000
47Social Media ActivationExecuting the social media strategy on launch day250,000
48Customer Engagement and Feedback CollectionInteracting and collecting feedback from customers during launch250,000
49Post-Launch Sales EffortsSustaining sales through ongoing marketing and engagement200,000
50Customer Feedback and SupportCollecting and responding to customer feedback200,000
51Performance Monitoring and Data AnalysisMonitoring and analyzing sales performance data200,000
52Product Updates and EnhancementsImplementing product updates based on feedback150,000
53Long-term Strategy Review and PlanningReviewing and planning the long-term strategy150,000
54Community Engagement and Relationship BuildingEngaging with the community and building relationships100,000