Development and Production: Combining Maker Space and Remote Work

Fusing hands-on creation at our Buffalo Maker Space with the flexibility of remote coding to bring innovative projects to life.

Maker Space Innovation

Our Buffalo Maker Space is the heart of physical production and prototyping. Here, ideas are transformed into tangible products with the aid of cutting-edge tools and machinery.

Remote Coding Collaboration

While the physical creation happens in our Maker Space, coding and software development components are tackled by our remote team, ensuring flexibility and diverse expertise contribution.

Integrated Development Process

We seamlessly integrate the physical and digital aspects of development, ensuring that both the Maker Space activities and remote coding efforts complement each other effectively.

Real-Time Collaboration Tools

Utilizing real-time collaboration tools, our teams, whether on-site or remote, stay connected and aligned on project goals, timelines, and progress updates.

Prototype Testing and Refinement

Prototypes developed in the Maker Space undergo rigorous testing and refinement, with inputs from both the on-site team and remote developers to ensure optimal functionality and design.

Community Feedback Integration

We actively seek feedback from the community on our prototypes, using insights to make iterative improvements, both in physical design and software functionality.

Adaptive Project Management

Our project management approach is adaptive, accommodating the dynamic nature of combining in-person and remote work, ensuring efficiency and innovation throughout the development phase.

Knowledge Sharing and Skill Development

Encouraging knowledge sharing between our Maker Space and remote teams, we foster a culture of continuous learning and skill development, enriching our project outcomes.